Battery Zone

No power? No problem! Battery Zone easily upgrades a solenoid valve to automatic control

Installing new irrigation or adding a valve in a place where power isn't easily accessed? Battery Zone is the easy solution that provides economical battery-powered control of standard irrigation solenoid valves. No need to run new power wires through the landscape. The Battery-Zone is also ideal for retrofitting manual systems to automatic operation, or working around existing bad wiring.

The Battery Zone installs quickly: just thread off the existing solenoid, and then thread on the solenoid from the Battery Zone. Adapters are provided to fit popular brands. The Battery Zone uses two standard 9-volt alkaline batteries to power the controller's display and to actuate automatic and manual cycles. In a typical application, the battery will last for at least one full irrigation season. Use of off-the-shelf 9-volt lithium batteries is optional and would extend the normal battery life to multiple seasons.



Features & Benefits

  • Fully submersible and waterproof, ideal for installation in humid valve boxes. Meets IP68.
  • A protective rubber cap prevents debris from accumulating on the face and buttons
  • Includes 9 volt latching solenoid compatible with popular brands of valves including Irritrol ®, Lawn Genie ®, Hardie ® Toro ®, K-Rain ®, Nelson ®, Orbit ®, and Rain Bird ®. For use with other brands of valves, you'll need to purchase a 9-volt DC latching solenoid from that brand which can then be connected to the Battery Zone controller. The Battery Zone only operates 9 volt dc latching solenoids, do not attempt to connect to standard 24 volt ac solenoids.
  • Simple programming: choose days of the week, enter start time and zone run time. Up to 2 starts per day.
  • Drip irrigation compatible: run time from 1 to 360 minutes.
  • Easy manual operation.
  • Rain off / system off mode.
  • Wire leads can be extended for installation up to 100' from valve.
  • Low battery alert. Battery will last through an entire season; install a new battery annually.
  • Rain sensor compatible (micro-switch based, hardwire sensors).
  • Uses 2 9-volt batteries (purchase separately).
  • 1 Year Warranty 

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