The All-in-One Universal Controller Key Set

They’re all here, keys to fit every major brand of irrigation controller, both current and obsolete models.   There’s no more hunting down lost keys.   Stride up to any controller, open the door, and complete your work. 

Perfect for those doing service and maintenance on irrigation systems. 

Each set includes 18 alpha-coded keys and labeled key fob.

1 Year Warranty

Part Number:   Uni-Key

Dr. O-Ring

The Ultimate O-Ring Replacement Kit for Irrigation

Stop looking for lost o-rings in the mud during irrigation repairs. Every o-ring you’ll ever need is included in this handy kit.   Included are over 200 replacements in 18 different sizes, organized in a handy carrying case with sizing chart.  

This kit quickly pays for itself in reduced trips back to the supplier and time spent searching for lost o-rings.

Sizing chart includes part numbers for individual o-rings for easy replenishment.

Paging Dr. O-Ring!

1 Year Warranty 

Item Number: RCO810000