Two valves on only one wire: Let Add-A-Zone solve your irrigation problems!

Work around broken zone wires.  Add a new zone without adding new wiring.  Add-A-Zone is the proven way to independently control two zone valves with only one pair of field wires. 

Unlike other “switching” units, the Add-A-Zone behaves just like the valves are fully independent.  A patented unit installed at the controller allows use of two separate zones, while sending the signal through only one field wire.

1 Year Warranty 

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Operate multiple valves from a single pair of control wires on a single controller station.

You simply program the controller zone for the total amount of run time required by all valves connected to the Splitter unit. The Splitter will divide the programmed time evenly among each zone.

The Splitter will save you time and labor trenching in additional wiring or in locating faults. The waterproof unit can be directly buried anywhere that is convenient. Plus, no electrical modifications to the controller are required.

1 Year Warranty 

Models: 4 Zone Unit RCO860011

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