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Individual Valve Control

Control Valves Individually


Time Saver

Install in just minutes!


No Need to Dig

No need to disrupt landscape


Part #: RCO 860009

Two valves on only one wire: Let Add-A-Zone solve your irrigation problems!


Work around broken zone wires.  Add a new zone without adding new wiring.  Add-A-Zone is the proven way to independently control two zone valves with only one pair of field wires. 


Unlike other “switching” units, the Add-A-Zone behaves just like the valves are fully independent.  A patented unit installed at the controller allows use of two separate zones, while sending the signal through only one field wire.


Problems Solved by Add-A-Zone

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Add a new zone without adding any field wires

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Work around a bad splice or cut wire

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Split an existing zone to solve low pressure problems

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Your added valve can serve as a master valve

Why Choose Add-A-Zone

  • Add-A-Zone behaves as if the valves are fully independent, unlike other switching devices which means there's no need for "watering every other cycle".

  • Unit is installed at an open station on the controller and allows two valves to have separate watering schedules and programs while the signal is sent through one wire. 

  • Maximum control and flexibility that installs in minutes!

  • Both solenoid valves connected through the Add-A-Zone can be independently timed and controlled for automatic and manual operations.

  • Very simple and inexpensive to use. 

  • Eliminates the need to disrupt the landscape by digging in new wires.