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Chatterbox, locate buried valves fast and easy


  Part #: RCO 860007

Makes Locating Buried Valves Fast and Easy

Now there's a fast and easy way to locate lost valves, the Chatterbox. 

It fits in the palm of your hand and can be quickly connected to any 24-volt irrigation controller to help you find buried valves fast. 


Why Use Chatterbox

  • Once connected to the specific zone wire at the irrigation controller, the unit will cause the solenoid on the buried valve to "chatter" and the vibrations and sound will lead you right to its location.

  • Simple Enough to successfully locate valves in minutes.

  • Inexpensive enough for anyone that services irrigation systems to own.

  • There's no need to rent expensive wire tracking equipment or digging everywhere to locate valves. put Chatterbox to work for you. 

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